NY Cannabis Law


§ 1. Short title.

2. Legislative findings and intent.

3. Definitions.


§ 7. Establishment of the cannabis control board or "board".

8. Establishment of an OCM.

9. Executive director.

10. Powers and duties of the cannabis control board.

11. Functions, powers and duties of the executive director; office of cannabis control.

12. Chief equity officer.

13. Rulemaking authority.

14. State cannabis advisory board.

15. Disposition of moneys received for license fees.

16. Violations of cannabis laws or regulations; penalties and injunctions.

17. Formal hearings; notice and procedure.

18. Ethics, transparency and accountability.

19. Public health and education campaign.

20. Uniform policies and best practices.


§ 30. Certification of patients.

31. Lawful medical use.

32. Registry identification cards.

33. Registration as a designated caregiver facility.

34. Registered organizations.

35. Registering of registered organizations.

36. Reports of registered organizations.

37. Evaluation; research programs; report by board.

38. Cannabis research license.

39. Registered organizations and adult-use cannabis.

40. Relation to other laws.

41. Home cultivation of medical cannabis.

42. Protections for the medical use of cannabis.

43. Regulations.

44. Suspend; terminate.

45. Pricing.


§ 61. License application.

62. Information to be requested in applications for licenses.

63. Fees.

64. Selection criteria.

65. Limitations of licensure; duration.

66. License renewal.

67. Amendments; changes in ownership and organizational structure.

68. Adult-use cultivator license.

68-a. Registered organization adult-use cultivator processor distributor retail dispensary license.

68-b. Registered organization adult-use cultivator, processor and distributor license.

69. Adult-use processor license.

70. Adult-use cooperative license.

71. Adult-use distributor license.

72. Adult-use retail dispensary license.

73. Microbusiness license.

74. Delivery license.

75. Nursery license.

76. Notification to municipalities of adult-use retail dispensary or on-site consumption license. 77. Adult-use on-site consumption license; provisions governing on-site consumption licenses.

78. Record keeping and tracking.

79. Inspections and ongoing requirements.

80. Adult-use cultivators, processors or distributors not to be interested in retail dispensaries.

81. Packaging, labeling, and administration of adult-use cannabis products.

82. Laboratory testing.

83. Provisions governing the cultivation and processing of adult-use cannabis.

84. Provisions governing the distribution of adult-use cannabis.

85. Provisions governing adult-use cannabis retail dispensaries.

86. Adult-use cannabis advertising and marketing.

87. Social and economic equity, minority and women-owned businesses, distressed farmers and service-disabled veterans; incubator program.

88. Data collection and reporting.

89. Regulations.


§ 90. Definitions.

91. Rulemaking authority.

92. Cannabinoid hemp processor license.

93. Cannabinoid hemp retailer license.

94. Cannabinoid license applications.

95. Information to be requested in applications for licenses.

96. Fees.

97. Selection criteria.

98. License renewal.

99. Form of license.

100. Transferability; amendment to license; change in ownership or control.

101. Granting, suspending or revoking licenses.

102. Record keeping and tracking.

103. Packaging and labeling of cannabinoid hemp and hemp extract.

104. Processing of cannabinoid hemp and hemp extract.

105. Laboratory testing.

106. New York hemp product.

107. Penalties.

108. Hemp workgroup.

109. Prohibitions.

110. Special use permits.

111. Severability.


§ 125. General prohibitions and restrictions.

126. License to be confined to premises licensed; premises for which no license shall be granted; transporting cannabis.

127. Protections for the use of cannabis; unlawful discriminations prohibited.

128. Permits, registrations and licenses.

129. Laboratory testing permits.

130. Special use permits.

131. Local opt-out; municipal control and preemption.

131-a. Office to be necessary party to certain proceedings.

132. Penalties for violation of this chapter.

133. Revocation of registrations, licenses and permits for cause; procedure for revocation or cancellation.

134. Lawful actions pursuant to this chapter.

135. Review by courts.

136. Illicit cannabis.

137. Persons forbidden to traffic cannabis; certain officials not to be interested in manufacture or sale of cannabis products.

138. Access to criminal history information through the division of criminal justice services.

138-a. Injunction for unlawful manufacturing, sale, or distribution of cannabis.

139. Severability.