MRTA Law, P.C.

While a boutique law firm specializing in NYS MRTA and Cannabis laws, we are a comprehensive law firm, offering a range of legal services, including:

  1. Administrative and Regulatory Law;

  2. Judicial NY CPLR Article 78 Proceedings;

  3. Administrative Hearings;

  4. Municipal / "Home-Rule" Law;

  5. NYS Public Benefits and Social Services Law;

  6. Commercial Paper & Creditor/Debtor Law;

  7. Employment Law and Employment Contract Review & Counseling;

  8. Real Estate Transactions;

  9. Family and Matrimonial Law Matters; and,

  10. NYS State Liquor Authority (SLA) Licensing Services.

We have successfully guided several clients through various challenges in their lives providing a wide-range of legal services. We solely offer clients a cost-effective approach to resolving their legal issues and attaining their ultimate goal, with an emphasis on litigation (and cost) avoidance.